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Welcome to the Crossword Help Line. Want to know something about crossword puzzles? Like how to solve a really annoying clue, perhaps? I think you'll find just what you need right here...

Just below you'll find all the crossword help categories I've identified so far — things like crossword solvers and dictionaries, online crossword puzzles, terminology, and so on. Under each category you'll find links to more detailed information that should get you sorted.

If you can't find what you need, I'm more than happy to give you some personalized crossword help. Just ask your question in the space provided a little way down the page. I'll do some homework for you, and publish the result.

Actually, I don't mind doing that, because I'm usually pretty interested in the answer myself ;-)

Crossword Helpers

After much research (not to mention a lot of fun!) I've determined the best crossword helpers available on the Web. Here they are in brief...

  • Across Lite is a free desktop application that lets you solve crossword puzzles on your computer screen.
  • Crossword Compiler is a crossword maker for Windows used by virtually all professional puzzle publishers in America.
  • Crossword Maestro is a desktop crossword solver that specializes in decoding cryptic crossword clues.
  • One Across is a website that helps you solve standard (i.e. non-cryptic) crossword clues online.
  • WordWeb Pro is a wordfinder application that puts together a whole bunch of dictionaries, thesauruses, crossword lists, and websites under one roof.

I've put together more detailed reviews in the following collections...

And of course...


Crossword Help — Tips & Tricks

I've interviewed crossword experts from around the world to put together a bunch of articles filled with practical advice about making and solving crossword puzzles. Here's what I've got for you so far...

How to Solve Crossword Puzzles
Solving Crossword Puzzles Online
MEET Crossword Solving Whiz, Dan Feyer
MEET Puzzle Maker, Trip Payne
MEET Crossword Puzzle Making webmaster, Kevin McCann
MEET Crossword Funny Man Merl Reagle

Crossword Help — Word Lists

Most Common Crossword Answers
Most Common 3 Letter Crossword Answers
Most Common 4 Letter Crossword Answers
Most Common 5 Letter Crossword Answers
The Greek Alphabet
The Hebrew Alphabet

Crossword Help — Terminology

If you're here because you're having trouble following the lingo used in the crossword puzzle industry - by solvers and constructors alike - feel free to browse this Crossword Glossary.

The Crossword Help Glossary is a regularly updated alphabetical list of all the main terms and phrases you're likely to hear if you were to eavesdrop on a group of cruciverbalists ;-)

Got a Question About Crosswords?

Ask it here, and I'll try to get it answered for you within 48 hours!

Even if you don't need any specific Crossword help, please feel free to browse the questions and responses given by others. Some questions have led to great discussions!

If you know a bit about crosswords, you might even find you can help somebody else out with their question - if so, just click the Comments links provided below each question.

Crossword Help
Requested by Other Visitors

Click below to see the questions and advice other Word-Buff visitors have contributed...

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In a crossword I'm trying to solve there is a clue [West End?], but it isn't a question! So why is there a question mark? Hi Sharon - This …

Crossword Clue - Chances 
The answer to this clue is a four letter word beginning with O. The quickest way to get help solving a clue like this - rather than waiting for hours …

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