Do you know what ELAND,
DACHA, and ATTAR mean?

Over the years, I've spent hundreds of hours poring over dictionaries to identify obscure words like these and work out just what I need to know about them to master word games and puzzles.

And you know what?

It seems really silly for you to go and reinvent the wheel when I've done all the hard yards for you. Especially when it looks as pretty as this...

So I've started publishing a series of cheap little eBooks called Word Buff's Totally Unfair Word Game Guides, and right now I'd like to tell you about Volume 1...

(The pictures above are pages from this book, by the way!)


The Secret Language of Crossword Puzzles

In this little book I'll help you decode the clues that stop most of us from finishing our morning newspaper crossword puzzle. I'm talking about those crazy words like AERIE, OLEO, and RIA you never seem to meet in the real world, but which turn up time and time again to ruin your morning solve.

Don't worry. You won't forget these words after you've seen them come to life in pictures, spent a few minutes reading their bios, and browsed the typical crossword clues used to warn you that they may be lurking.

And while you're at it, you'll learn a whole bunch of fascinating stuff about how puzzles are made and how their makers try to trick us at every corner!

But the obscure words you'll master in these colorful pages will prepare you for much more than crossword puzzles. You can use them to kick butt in Scrabble, Words With Friends, Lexulous, Text Twist, Spelling Bees, or a million other vocabulary games.

Or, if you prefer, just intimidate your friends by casually sprinkling your dinner party conversations with words like EMIR and OGEE.

If you'd like to check out a free sample, just click the link below...

The Secret Language of Crossword Puzzles

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Don't have a Kindle?
You DON'T need one!

Just about everybody seems to think you have to own a Kindle to read Amazon's eBooks. You don't.

In fact, I personally don't have one!

I used to own one, but I dropped it and broke it about a year ago, so now I read my Kindle books on my laptop or my iPad.

As a matter of fact, the pictures I showed you of some of the pages in my Crossword Ease book above, were taken while I was reading my own book on my laptop!

You can read Amazon's eBooks on just about anything. You can even read them directly over the Web through your browser, just like you're doing right now!

All you have to do is go to Amazon (link below) and download a free application they provide for your particular device. Here's the link...

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Got it? Good! Now you can check out my book ;-)

All the best,

Derek McKenzie, aka Word Buff