Counting Premium Squares Twice

by K.B.H.

The situation was that the word FEE was on the board. POD was added, with the D of POD turning FEE to FEED.

Under the P was a double word square. One player feels the double word applies to POD only, while the other player feels the double word applies to both POD and FEED.

Seems to be rule 16 in the version of the game we are playing.

Hi KBH - I've attached a copy of rule 16 in my own (rather old) Scrabble set, because it seems to refer to the same scenario as rule 16 in your Scrabble set. I've underlined the key part of this rule for your question - namely, common letter.

Only the common letter played in two words gets a premium counted twice. So if it was the D of POD with the double word square under it, then both words would be doubled.

In your example, only POD gets doubled.

I hope this settles the dispute for you. If you think I've misinterpreted your question, or if you'd like to ask a further question about it, please feel free to use the comments link below this answer.

All the best,

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Confusion over previously covered tiles
by: Sandra

Surely as the P had already been used and counted it could not counted again. The letter added was the D and if that had fallen onto the double word score then both words would have been doubled but I understood that once used you did not keep on counting it as it sort of becomes dead. You only score for the new ones that your word covers

Hi Sandra — I'm a bit confused your question here sorry. In the FEE + POD example, a double word square under the P would not count twice. I think we're agreed on that, right? The double word square under the D does count twice though, because when it is played it makes two words.

You are also correct to say that once a letter has covered a premium square that premium score is no longer available in later plays (it becomes 'dead', as you say).

So I'm not quite sure what it is we disagree on, if anything ;-)

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