Challenging the potential last word of a Scrabble game

by Joy
(Concord, Mass.)

How do you discourage frivolous challenges of the last word -- the word that is expected to end the Scrabble game? The challenger hasn't got much to lose, because even if you put a point penalty on a challenge of a valid word, perhaps the challenger is so far ahead that he/she doesn't care about losing 5 or 10 points.

Hi there Joy - Firstly, I'm really sorry for such a delay in replying to this one. I usually respond within a day or two. Your question seems to have slipped under the radar, and I only just found it :-(

I'm afraid though that I need some clarification here. Why do you need to discourage a 'frivolous' challenge over the last word of a game?

If the word turns out to be valid, then the game is all over (no serious time wasted here).

On the other hand, if the word turns out to be invalid then it's just as well it got challenged.

Am I misunderstanding you here? Please use the Comments link below this post to continue the discussion, and I'll respond when I understand the question a little better.


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