Challenge Rule

by Allister

I understood from a few years back that if you were challenged you had to use the challenged word in a sentence. A fellow player used the word BA and when challenged she said it was the noise made by sheep. Her usage was incorrect but there is a word listed as BA but it means a Greek God I think. So, in a challenge do you have to use the word correctly in a sentence?

Hi Allister - There is no official Scrabble rule requiring you to put the word you use in a sentence. In fact, much to the disgust of many purists, there is no rule requiring you to know the definition of any word you play!

In official Scrabble games, you are only required to play a word belonging to the official Scrabble dictionary.

You do not need to have any idea what the word means ;-)

P.S. As far as Scrabble is concerned, the sound made by a sheep is BAA, and BA is a word denoting 'the soul' in Ancient Egyptian religion.

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