Causeway Challenge

by Word Buff

UPDATE (August 2011)

Not long after announcing his grand plan for a global Causeway circuit, Michael Tang stunned the Scrabble world with a new announcement — that the circuit would not go ahead, and the upcoming Causeway 2011, in Johor Bahru, would be the last.

His exact wording was: "Due to personal reasons, it is with deep regrets that I hereby announce the cancellation of the proposed Causeway Grand Slam 2012. I would like to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. I would also like to announce that Causeway 2011 shall be the 10th and FINAL edition of Causeway Scrabble Challenge. I would like to thank players from all over the world for making Causeway such a memorable experience for me."

You can read more about the event's history here.


Dear Scrabblers,

It is exactly 3 weeks away to the 9th Causeway Scrabble Challenge (2010). The list of 50 players in the Premier Division have been finalised and you can check out the pairings for all 45 rounds at Causeway Challenge.

I am glad to inform you that we have a very high quality field in Premier Division this year with 9 WSC Champions and an average Wespa ratings of *1988*. Please remember to monitor the progress to find out who will walk away with *US$30,000* 1st prize on 5th December 2010.

We will also have 156 players from 20 countries participating in Masters and Open Division. All of them will play 45 games over 5 days from 1st to 5th December 2010. A total prize fund of *US$75,800* will be given away for all 3 Divisions.

The inaugural "Tournament of Champions" will also be held from 7th to 9th December 2010. The 9 WSC Champions and 1 Causeway Champion will play a 3 full round robin or 27 games for a prize money of *US$10,000*. All 135 games played at "Tournament of Champions" will be annotated on

Last but not least, please note that there will be a registration on Tuesday 30th November 2010 starting from 6pm. Registration is
*Compulsory*otherwise you will not be able to participate in the tournament. All players are cordially invited to attend a *Gala Dinner* hosted by Johor State Government at *8pm*. Please do come dressed in your National costumes if possible, otherwise the dress code is Smart Casual.

See you all real soon!

Yours sincerely,

Michael Tang
Organising Chairman

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