Can you add a word vertically to a horizontal word that also completes that word?

If you have word NOD going across can you add PUSH going down where the -S adds to NOD making it NODS?

Another question: If you have the word BOX for instances can you add ES making it BOXES and in the same turn add PUSH using the S in the other direction.

I've attached a snippet of the rules in a typical Scrabble set with the relevant rule about word formation highlighted.

Basically, your first situation is allowable. That is, you can play PUSH and use the S to extend NOD to NODS.

In your second scenario, you can indeed extend BOX to BOXES, but you cannot form PUSH in the same move. The reason is, there is another rule specifying that the letters you play in a given move must all be in the same row (or column). So you can't play two words at right angles like this.

Hope this helps.

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