by Chris Haim
(Nazareth, PA, USA)

Word Meaning — n.
1. A fairy-tale character whose seventh wife found the bodies of her predecessors in a room she had been forbidden to enter.
2. Any man alleged to have murdered a number of his wives or other women.

Bluebeard is a fairy tale character from the Charles Perrault collection. The character is a monstrous villain who marries seven women in turn and warns them not to look behind a certain door of his castle. Inside the room are the corpses of his former wives. Bluebeard kills six wives for their disobedience before one passes his test.

Hi Chris - thanks for your suggested cool word! Just thought I'd add that not only is BLUEBEARD allowed in Scrabble, but two other beard colors are also allowed: GRAYBEARD/GREYBEARD and WHITEBEARD. Not surprisingly, both of these words refer to an old man.

All the best,

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