Better Scrabble Source

If you want to play in real time you should consider the Internet Scrabble Club (ISC).

The Internet Scrabble Club is the premier Web location to both play and watch Scrabble games. You will find some of the world’s best players there. It is always open and active. The graphics and software are outstanding.

On the Internet Scrabble Club you can observe games while they are being played. Normally you will be able to see the racks of each player. You can see the names of everyone who is watching a game and communicate with them during the game.

You can play other persons or computers (“bots”) in real time. You can use TWL, SOWPODS, or other dictionaries. You can select the time limits for your games, how challenges are handled, and other variables. You can customize how the screen and board appear.

You can replay your games or the games of other players to review the moves which were made and see alternate moves suggested by the ISC computer.

Jim Cassidy
squire on ISC

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