Around the World

If you are at home sit in a circle, if at school have students sit on their desks. Start at one point in the room. The teacher has a large stack of flash cards, she starts at the first person and the person beside him.

The first person stands next to the child sitting on the desk beside him. She says the word then flashes the card with the word on it for a second. Then they must race each other to spell the word out first, and correctly.

Whoever wins gets to go "around the world" walking to the next desk in line. Whoever spells the next word correct moves on and the student who loses takes the seat they are standing next to.

Who wants to read like a millionaire?

Choose words that are more difficult for the group to read, or words that they need to learn to read.

Have two teams, in lines. Each student at the front of the line gets a word flashed to them (one team at a time) they must read the word correctly to get a point.

Each team also has an option to phone a friend, use a lifeline or ask their group. Each option can only be used once per round, NOT once per student.

Reading a word correctly gains the team 1 point, reading it incorrectly deducts no points but the student doesn't get another chance. After each student is finished they go to the back of the line.


Have a box filled with index cards. One each index card should be one word that the child is learning to read. Have a few cards that read "Oh, No!" In red letters.

Pass the box around, each student gets to pick out a card then read it. If they read it correctly, they keep the card, if not it gets put back in the box. If you pull out the card that reads "Oh, No!" that student must put all of their cards back into the box.

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