Are you able to switch the blank tile for another tile?

by Gina
(San Jose, CA)

If you already have a blank tile on the board (let's say the blank tile on the board is 'B') and you have a 'B' on your rack, are you allowed to replace the blank tile with your 'B' on your rack?

If so, how many times are you able to switch the blank tile with another tile that has the same letter?

Hi Gina - The maneuver you describe is definitely not allowed in official Scrabble play at all. That is, it is not permitted by the box rules, nor is it permitted in official tournament rules. It is however a popular variant of the Scrabble rules played at the social level.

So the answer to your question completely depends on whether you want to stick to the 'official' Scrabble rules (in which case you can't touch tiles on the board that have already been played), or play to a 'variant' that you enjoy.

If you play to a variant then you can, of course, modify the rule however you like, as long as you all agree up front to play that way. My understanding of the version you describe is that you can exchange a blank on the board with a corresponding letter on your rack as many times as you like, right through to the end of the game.

I hope that answers your question Gina. And thanks for asking.

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