Adding a letter.

by David

My fiancee and I were playing last night and she had a vertical word on the board. I added a letter to the end of that word and wanted to also add tiles to the right of the tile I placed, thus trying to get credit for both words.

She said I can not do this in one turn - I must first add the tile to the end of her previous word, then on my next turn could add the tiles to the right of my single tile.

Hi David - The move you describe is perfectly legal. I've included a picture of a similar move played by a visitor who asked much the same question.

In that question, TWEAK was on the board and he played FIBS, forming TWEAKS in the process. This is perfectly within the rules.

As long as all the letters you play in a given move form a valid word (e.g. FIBS), it doesn't matter how many other words are formed in the process (e.g. TWEAKS).

I hope that clarifies things for you, but please feel free to use the comments link below if you'd like further explanation.

All the best.

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Adding 2 or 3 letters to a word
by: scrabble addict

Hi, if it is my turn and I add more than 1 letter to a word like "ing" or "ed" to a word that is played on the board (like changing tweak to tweaking) is it legal for me to build another word off the last letter I added in my same turn (like spelling grade down or fibbing up)? Or is this only legal when adding one letter such as an "s".

Hi Scrabble addict -- All the letters you play in a single turn must lie in the same row or column. So you can't add letters in two directions at once. I hope that makes sense.

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