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When you joined my site a while back, I assume it was because you enjoy reading about interesting words and word games, right?

Well, this issue of Word Buff Stuff! should be right up your alley!

You see, as of January 1, 2012, the official Scrabble dictionary has been updated with a whole bunch of cool new words you can now use to slaughter your poor opponent on the other side of the Scrabble board.

I'm talking about words like DIYA (a small oil lamp used in Hindu worship), HEELBAR (a shop or counter where shoes are repaired), PEL (an earlier, now less common, word for a pixel), and over 2,000 more lexical crazinesses ;-)

But before you get too excited, there are a few things you need to know. Like...
  • Where you can find all the new words.

  • The best free Scrabble apps for learning them.

  • When and where you are allowed to play them.

There's way too much to put in an email, so I've set up a whole new area at Word Buff to chat about it all. There's even a place to ask questions or discuss new words and apps with over 3,000 other Word Buff members!

So head on over right now and browse Word Buff Stuff! Issue #5 before your next Scrabble game.

If nothing else, you'll find out the single most important new Scrabble word to remember!

See you there...

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