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If so, you will know that this little fellow is an obscure anagram of HAILING...

He is the anagram of HAILING

You might even remember a few of his equally obscure variant spellings. Heck, you might even be ready to take the dreaded March Quiz further down this newsletter.

BUT if not, please read on, because you might be missing out on some fun...


Last time I wrote to you I was launching a Word of the Day that I had been thinking about for quite some time.

The key features of my daily words are that they have to be...
  • obscure and interesting (yes, I know it's subjective, but I think you'll agree with me 90% of the time),

  • allowed in Scrabble (specifically, they are all in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary), and

  • part of a monthly theme that will cover Scrabble, crosswords, spelling, vocabulary, and even general knowledge.

In other words, my Word of the Day is 'Scrabble-friendly' but not restricted to Scrabble. You'll also learn tons of stuff about other word games, puzzles, and even the real world!


As you might remember, I was going to just tweet my daily word on Twitter, since that's an ideal platform for short snippets.

But when many of you started sending me requests to provide my daily word in other formats, I decided to offer it as both an email and as a Facebook post. (BTW, I even had one member email me saying he was unsubscribing in disgust because he absolutely hates Twitter! Oops...)

So, if you'd like to start receiving my Word of the Day, here's how to do it..

1. EMAIL: Just click here and tell me where you'd like me to send your daily word!

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2. FACEBOOK: Visit Word Buff on Facebook here and click "LIKE" below the big cover photo (see below). Remember to click that Like button, because that will cause the daily word to appear in your Facebook News Feed so you don't have to keep remembering to come back each day!

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3. TWITTER: Pop on over to Word Buff on Twitter and click "FOLLOW". My Twitter handle is @Word_Buff.

Get my Word of the Day by eMail

Interestingly, I've noticed quite a few visitors are using more than one way to get their daily word fix. A common approach seems to be to use email and Facebook together. Email for work and Facebook for play perhaps? ;-)

Not sure if this will be your cup of tea?

No problem. I've put together an archive for my March Words of the Day here. Just browse the list and see if the words tickle your fancy.

And speaking of the words for March, it's time to...

TAKE THE MARCH QUIZ (Not for the faint-hearted!) 

March's Word of the Day theme was "Common Words with Uncommon Anagrams".

For those of you who have already been receiving my Word of the Day, I decided to put together a little quiz for you. Even if you haven't been following along, it might be fun to see if you know any of the answers to these toughies ;-)

See how you go...

  1. What is the Scottish New Years celebration called?
  2. What is EKISTICS the study of?
  3. What are the four PONGIDS?
  4. What is the only anagram of ADORED?
  5. What five-letter word describes a multi-faceted problem that will need to be tackled from several directions?

How do you think you did? I'll let you mark your own paper. Just visit the March Word of the Day Archive...


April's theme is "Crosswordese". Crosswordese is the term crossword enthusiasts use to describe those obscure little words that occur frequently in crossword puzzles, but hardly ever in the real world. (And yes, they will be legal in Scrabble too!)

You'll receive the first installment very shortly. If you've subscribed to it that is ;-)

Until then, this is Derek McKenzie, aka Word Buff, signing out from the Editor's Couch...

P.S. <>, I have a quick favor to ask. If you know someone who you think would be interested in receiving my Word of the Day, please take a few seconds to forward this email to them! I'd really appreciate it, and they might too ;-)

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