I've wanted to do a word of the day for folks like you and I for a long time now, and I'm pleased to announce that the time is finally here! (If you're in a hurry, details are further down.)

You see, even though there are loads of daily word services out there, they aren't usually tailored to word gamers and puzzle solvers like us.

As a result, the words are only interesting and useful to us every now and then. But imagine if every single word was useful in word games and puzzles?! And that's exactly what I've been beavering away at in the wee hours of late...

Now that I've got the hang of Twitter -- yes I know, it's not rocket science, but I'm a slow learner! -- I've decided that it's the perfect place to host my daily word.

Each month I'll have a different theme.

The words will always be allowed in Scrabble, but the themes won't necessarily relate to Scrabble.

One theme I've already planned, for example, is Crosswordese -- those strange little words that turn up in crosswords all the time but never in the real world.

Other themes will be geared towards...

  • obscure anagrams,
  • tricky spellings, and
  • curious vocabulary
  • .

(And yes, if you didn't hear me the first time, all my daily words will be allowed in Scrabble.)

So, how do you get my daily word?

If you have a Twitter account, the quickest way is to just click the following link...

and then click the big Follow button (in the upper right) when you get there. That's it! As soon as you click that button my daily words will start arriving in your Twitter stream.

Not a Twitter User?

Don't be scared ;-) Now might be as good a time as any to start. It takes just a few seconds to sign up here, and as soon as you start following people, by just clicking their Follow button, you'll start receiving their tweets.

And if you don't find my, or somebody else's, tweets interesting or helpful, you can just unfollow them with a single click!

My first Word of the Day will be published on March 1. That's just a couple of days away, so join up now so you don't miss any ;-)

See you on Twitter!

Derek McKenzie

P.S. And by the way, my word of the day won't be the only thing I tweet. I also post links to tonnes of interesting articles and resources about words and word games.

Another thing you might find helpful is that I filter other peoples' daily words and retweet them for you when I'm pretty sure you'll like them.

That way, your Twitter stream won't get clogged up with endless tweets you're not really interested in. I hope this will be especially handy for those of you who are new to Twitter and don't really know who you should be following.

As long as you trust my ability to filter them for you, of course ;-)

And if you do, here's that link again...

P.P.S. One thing I really like about using Twitter for this is that it is very interactive and responsive. And that means...

If you have suggestions about monthly themes you'd like me to do, just tweet them and I promise I'll read your tweets and do my best for you.

You're also welcome (urged actually!) to tweet me with more information about the words I post. That way, we'll actually end up learning a heck of a lot more than a word a day ;-)

So no more procrastinating <>...

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