50-point word challenge?

by TW
(Yokohama, Japan)

We've played Scrabble for years where a successful word challenge yielded 50 points for the challenger. Has that ever been a rule? Thank you.

Hi there TW. In the official Scrabble game, there has never been a 50 point bonus awarded to a successful challenger.

In fact, as far as the 'box rules' are concerned, there has never been a point-system for challenges. Point systems are used in many Scrabble tournaments, but not a 50 point reward - rather a 5 or 10 point penalty to the challengee.

It is possible that another Scrabble-like game had such a rule, but I haven't heard of one.

I hope that answers your question TW. If not, feel free to use the comments link below and I'll follow it up.

Thanks for asking...

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