4 Letter Words
Crossword Buffs

Here is a list of the 4 letter words that appear with the greatest frequency in the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. I've included a range of clues for each answer to give you a feel for the variety of clues you are likely to meet when attempting a crossword puzzle.

As you'll see, knowing the 4 letter words is easy. Finding the answers from an obscure clue is another thing altogether...

____ vera
Healing balm
African lily
Tissue additive
Yucca plant cousin
Cure for being caught red-handed?
Card player's stake
Prefix with chamber
Pot starter
Pay to play
Vide ____ (see before, in Latin)
Buy in
Part of a.m.
Deal preceder
Cash on hand?
Table center piece?
Stud fee?
Metropolitan ___
Nonsmoking ___
Field of study
Neck of the woods
Gazetteer figure
Geometrical finding
Word with surface or disaster
It may have a code
Side by side?
It may be gray
Song in an opera house
Met melody
Song that's often in a foreign language
Diva delivery
"Celeste Aida," e.g.
High-culture strains
Operatic offering
Air on stage
Unlikely number for a rock concert
Number for one
Far from land
On a cruise
Totally confused
Fishing, perhaps
Between ports
"...arms against ____ of troubles" (Hamlet)
Using clippers?
Making waves?
Like pirates
Adam and Eve locale
East of ___
Churchill's successor
Barbara who played a genie
Scene of a fall
Place of bliss
Paradise lost
Perfect plot
"What ___?"
G. & S.'s Lord High Everything ___
End of a warning
Choice word
It may follow something
Toledo's lake
Great Lake touching four states
Weird-sounding lake
Niagara's source
War of 1812 siege site
Iroquois foe
Buffalo water
"What's the big ___?"
Something to think about
It may be half-baked
It may be bright
What a germ may become
Coconut yield?
Muffin topper
Spread out on a table?
Pat on the buns?
It's sold in bars
Promise output
Nabisco cookie
It may get a licking after dinner
Dunkable treat
Hydrox look-alike
Snack since 1912

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