Top Three Letter Words
For Crossword Solvers

The Most Important Crossword Answers to Learn

Here is a list of the 3 letter words that appear with the greatest frequency in the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. I've included a range of clues for each answer to give you a feel for the variety of clues you are likely to meet when attempting a crossword puzzle.

As you'll see, knowing the 3 letter words is easy. Finding the answers from an obscure clue is another thing altogether...

Relative of beer
It might help wash down a banger
Bass, for one
Old Foghorn, e.g.
Lead-in for house or wife
Schooner's contents, maybe
Muhammad ___
2001 role for Will Smith
Clay, now
Foreman's superior
Poetic pugilist
His won-lost record was 56-5
"___ we there yet?"
"You ___ There" (50's TV show)
Is for two
Be a different way?
Had a meal
Put away
Took the cake?
Had a little lamb
Came to a fast stop
Pharmaceutical giant ___ Lilly
Yale student
Harvadite's rival
Letter "Y" wearer
Bush or Taft
Descendant of Aaron, in the Bible
Opposite WSW
Ethyl finish
Cincinnati-to-New York dir.
Wind dir.
67.5 degrees
Hydrocarbon suffix
History segment
Time worth remembering
Pitcher's stat.
Oft-nicknamed period
Diamond stat.
Time piece?
Before, poetically
Bard's before
Poet's preposition
"___ Time transfigured me": Yeats
Before, before
It may appear before long
When the pilot is due in, for short
Greek H
Hellenic vowel
___ Pi (dessert lover's fraternity?)
Viscosity symbol, in physics
Touchdown info
Last number in countdown
Digit in binary code
No longer divided
Simple ticket order
Next to nothing?
Valuable rocks
Bauxite or magnetite
Something to slag
It's found in veins
Swedish coins
It might be found in a rush

By the way... if you're after more obscure common crossword answers, you'll probably enjoy reading Crossword Ease - The SECRET Language of Crossword Puzzles.

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