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Has your relationship ever been threatened by a Scrabble game?
Ever told your children you'll feed them when you've solved 16 Down?
Would you rather curl up in bed with a good dictionary than a partner?

That's ok, I understand. But lots of people don't, so we need to stick together. And that's why I've created this resource for us.

Word Buff is a place dedicated to sharing expert tips and game strategies, vocabulary learning and memory techniques for people who play word games to win them!

Whether you want to solve Crosswords in five minutes flat, score 500 points in Scrabble, blitz your local Spelling Bee, or double your Vocabulary...

you'll find what you need here.

I'm going to show you a bunch of tips & tools to...

And what's more, all this advice comes from the world's best wordsmiths and memory game experts. To get this valuable information, I've interviewed champions from the worlds of Scrabble, Crossword Puzzles, Spelling Bees, and other word memory games.

I'm talking about people who spend all their waking hours mastering memory techniques and devouring word lists to deploy them against their hapless opponents!

Sure, this might all sound a bit obsessive at first. But dip your foot in the water, and you may well become one of them. Like I did! ;-)

As you can see, is especially devoted to what I think of as the triumvirate of 'word memory games': Crosswords, Scrabble, and Spelling Bees.

But you'll also find some interesting bits and pieces about other popular word games and puzzles, like Hangman, Boggle, and, my favorite party game of all, Balderdash.

Here and there you'll also find articles about memory games I've stumbled across that aren't really word games at all. I've included these little discoveries because they contain some memory techniques that I think you might be able to modify to use in your favorite word game.

And if you can't get enough here...

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Oh... and when you confirm your subscription, I'll send you a bunch of links to some free downloads I think you'll like!

But right now it's time for you to sit back and start browsing the pages of, where you can make full use of hundreds of free word lists, memory tips, and word game strategies designed for people just like you ... who take word games a little more seriously than most ;-)

My Word Games Blog
My Word Games Blog keeps you up-to-date with all the changes I make to, and lets you know what's going on in the world of word games and puzzles. Subscribe here - it's easy.
Weird Scrabble Word of the Week
Boost your game scores, and your vocabulary, with a weird little word story each and every week...
New Official Scrabble Words
Everything you need to know about the NEW Scrabble words added to the official Scrabble dictionary from New Years Day, 2012..
The Ultimate Vocabulary Builder - Or Is It?
An in-depth review of Ultimate Vocabulary. Touted as the most sophisticated vocabulary builder on the market, I decided to give this software a thorough test-drive. Here's what I found out...
Ideal Memory Training Program for Winning Memory Games
Here's my review of the best memory training program I know of for people who love memory games.
Online Scrabble Dictionary for Scrabble Cheats
Avoid arguments, or cheat, with this handy online Scrabble dictionary. It's easy to use, and completely free. But careful -- there are a few tips you should know to use it properly...
Crossword Puzzle Maker
Here is a demo of the crossword puzzle maker I use here at
A Word Finder for Scrabble, Crosswords, Anagrams, and Look Ups
The Ultimate Word Finder Library will help you win Scrabble, solve Crosswords, unscramble Anagrams, and find that rotten word that's on the tip of your tongue...
Scrabble Cheats for Scrabble Cheats
The ultimate Scrabble cheat collection. These are best quality Scrabble helpers on the Web, and they are all *free*.
Memory Techniques & Tips
Here is a collection of the best memory techniques and tips I've come across over the years.
Tips to Improve Vocabulary
Here are a few practical tips to help you improve vocabulary. Each strategy is really simple, but incredibly effective. And if you love word games, I think you'll enjoy the fun bonus at the end...
The Scrabble Help Line
The Scrabble Help Line provides addicted players with free Scrabble solvers and cheats, expert tips for winning Scrabble, and even a visitor FAQ with over 100 questions and answers so far...
How to Improve Spelling - 8 Simple Tips
Recent research in American schools reveals how to improve spelling dramatically using 8 strategies. I found some of them quite surprising, but they sure do work.
Three Tips For Solving Anagrams
Don't cheat! Get better at solving anagrams yourself with these three clever techniques used by word game champions.
How to Solve Crossword Puzzles
Learn how to solve crossword puzzles with these 5 Hot Tips from champion crossword solvers.
Expert Crossword Help
Here are the crossword solvers and helpers used by the puzzle gurus. There's also a Crossword Help FAQ where experts will answer your questions.
Vocabulary Tips for Word Game Players
Vocabulary building tips and resources for people who love to win at word games.
Spelling Bee Tips, Lists, and Strategies
A fascinating excursion into the addictive world of the spelling bee...
How To Memorize Virtually Anything
Tips and techniques from a world memory games champion. Learn how to memorize words, numbers, poems, dates, verses, scripture, names, or pretty much anything.
Free Scrabble Word Finder. Don't Worry - I Won't Tell.
Well - I call it a Scrabble Word Finder, but actually, you can use it to win Words with Friends, Text Twist, Lexulous, or just about any other word game.
Great Books for Word Games
My recommended must-reads from the world of word games
Word Buff's Interview Room
Meet some of the world's most interesting word-buffs.
Scrabble Words from AA to ZZZ
What are all the legal Scrabble words anyway? Which ones should you learn and how? Here are the word lists and strategies used by expert Scrabble players...
Vocabulary Words From A to Z
Vocabulary words to enrich your conversations and help you communicate more clearly.
Spelling Bee Words - My Favorites and Yours
A whole swag of killer spelling bee words, along with some fun spelling bee moments.
Crazy Two Letter Words Allowed In Scrabble
Here is a complete list of all the two letter words allowed in Scrabble, along with their meanings, and even a clever way to remember them...
Three Letter Words for Scrabble Nuts
You wouldn't believe some of the three letter words you're allowed to play in Scrabble. Here is a list of all of them along with their meanings, for those who care...
Four Letter Words Your Grandmother Doesn't Want You To Know
Here are the four letter words you'll need to finally beat grandma in Scrabble. And anyone else for that matter...
Seven Letter Words to Help You Kick Serious Scrabble Butt
The 100 most likely seven letter words to win 50 bonus points in Scrabble...
Eight Letter Words That Will Leave Grandma Begging For Mercy
These eight letter words will boost your Scrabble bingo power through the ceiling...
Ridiculously Cool Words
I've scoured the dictionary to bring you an entire year's supply of cool words. Here they are...
The Crossword Answers You Must Absolutely, Positively, Know
Here are the most common crossword answers found in newspaper crossword puzzles. Sooner or later you need to master them. Might as well be now...
Dolch Words - Introduction & Handy Resources
If you're teaching a child to read, you really need to know all about Dolch Words. Here's a simple introduction along with some useful tips to get you going...
Word Lists that Win Word Games
Dozens of free word lists to help you win at Scrabble, solve Crosswords, create Word Searches, and master all sorts of other word games and puzzles...
All Time Classic Word Puzzles
I'm going to show you where to find great word puzzles, how to solve them, and how to make them yourself.
Dictionaries For Serious Word Buffs
These dictionaries belong on the bookshelves of any serious word gamer. Let me explain why...
Apples to Apples - An Introduction
Find out why the word game Apples to Apples has been such a runaway success. You'll also learn a few handy tips about playing it.
Why Balderdash is my Favorite Party Game
Here's why pulling out your Balderdash game at a party always works...
Bananagrams - Like Scrabble On Speed
Introduction to Bananagrams
Introduction to Boggle
How to play Boggle, both online and off. An indispensible guide for Boggle lovers
Catch Phrase Game - An Introduction
An introduction to the ever-popular Catch Phrase Game.
The Totally Unfair Crossword Guide
A complete guide to the addictive world of crossword puzzles. Learn all the inside tricks and tools for solving and making crossword puzzles.
All About Lexulous
An introduction to Lexulous - a very popular free online Scrabble game.
Pass The Bomb
What is Pass the Bomb, and why is it such a great word game?
Quiddler is a really fun card-based word game. It's also super popular. Here's how the game works...
Totally Unfair Scrabble Guide
You'll enjoy your Scrabble so much more with all these free resources. And you'll start winning more games too, if you follow this advice from real Scrabble champions.
Taboo The Word Game - An Oldie But a Goodie
The word game Taboo has been around forever, but it seems a whole generation have missed out...
Why Is Text Twist So Popular?
I decided to find out the story behind Text Twist, to discover why it has become such a popular pastime...
Introduction to Upwords
If you've never played Upwords, you're missing out on a very fun word board game. Here's how it works...
Words With Friends. An Introduction For Beginners.
Want to play this Words with Friends phenomenon, but don't know where to start? Here's a gentle introduction...
Word Search Puzzles, Tips, and Resources
A guide to word search puzzles including how to make them, how to solve them, and where to find the freebies.
Your Word Games Community Noticeboard
Get connected with other word buffs, just like you. Or tell us about an event or club you've organized for us die-hard word-lovers...
My Wordplay Ramblings
Here are some of my favourite wordplay articles...
The Totally Unfair Scrabble Helper Library
Here's where you can download a free Scrabble Helper tool that all the experts are using...
Totally Unfair Crossword Puzzle Solver Library
A crossword puzzle solver collection that won't leave any empty squares ...
The Ultimate Crossword Helper Library
Word-Buff's crossword helper library is a guide to the best crossword makers and solvers available on the Web.
Improve Spelling Help Line
Ask a question at the Improve Spelling Help Line and you'll receive an answer in 48 hours.
The Official Scrabble Dictionary
Resolve your Scrabble disputes with the Official Scrabble Dictionary...
21st Century Crossword Puzzle Dictionary
Here's my review of the best crossword puzzle dictionary on the market today.
The Best Word Games of All Time
Here are the best word games out there in one handy alphabetical list, with some handy pointers for each game.
Fun, Free Vocabulary Games and Activities
Here is a great collection of original vocabulary games and activities that can be played for free, with very little preparation. Each one is virtually guaranteed to be loads of fun.
Addictive Online Word Games
Find out where you can play Scrabble, Boggle, Text Twist, and a whole bunch of other offbeat online word games.
Fun, Free Spelling Games and Activities
A great collection of fun spelling games and activities requiring very little preparation or resources. And they're all free...
Fun, Free Grammar Games & Activities
Here is a great collection of free grammar games & activities put together by teachers and parents who actually use them...
Fun, Free Rhyming Games for Teachers & Parents
Here are a whole swag of fun, free rhyming games submitted by teachers and parents who highly recommend them...
Fun Word Board Games
Here are some of the best word board games in the market-place today. Some are classic word games, while others might be new to you...
Unique Gifts for Serious Word Buffs
Classy and original gift ideas for lovers of word puzzles and games.
Cool Videos for Word Buffs
A miscellaneous collection of Word Buff's most popular videos...
I'll Show You My Funny Bits If You Show Me Yours
These word play snippets make me laugh out loud every time. I'm sure they'll give you a few chuckles too...
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The Art of Anagrams
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10 Fun Memory Activities & Games
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